At Adamson Global Technology Corp. we have modern, industrial-sized equipment to get the big jobs done to your specifications. Our head machine can turn out heads up to 14' diameter and up to 1" thick. The Haeusler Plate rolls can roll 2 1/2" thick x 10' wide plate down to a 10' diameter. They can also roll down to a diameter of 24" at 10' wide and 1" thick. There are 70 automatic and semi-automatic welding machines including Hobart Cyber-Tig 300 for tube-to-tube sheet welds. Adamson's Staff Welding Engineer assisted in developing this technology. We have a fully computerized six spindle drill with a 96" wide drilling and milling capacity that can drill up to 2" diameter holes through 5" plate. We also have a single spindle tape controlled drill with a 13'6" diameter bed with a drilling capacity of 11" thick. At Adamson we can drill a true hole through 9" thick carbon steel! Our 400-ton brake has a throat width of 12'. We utilize engine lathes of 24" and 14" and turret lathes of 60" and 24" diameters. Horizontal and vertical boring mills to 72" in diameter are also available. For use in the manufacturing of heat exchangers, we have electronic and air operated tube expanders for 1/2" to 2" tubes plus a hydraulic tube bender that handles tubes up to 1-1/4"OD. The finest welding equipment operated by expert welders is available for use at all required stages of the manufacturing process. In our Quality Assurance Department, non-destructive testing equipment includes; liquid penetrant, ultrasonic, Brinnell hardness testing, magnetic particle inspection equipment consisting of Y5 yokes, and several X- ray units. Pressure-testing equipment includes Hydro Max, PSIG 5000 and Air Max, PSIG 100.
Angelery Engineering Research Company (AERCO) is a leading supplier of boilers and water heating products, and the originator of semi-instantaneous water heating. When AERCO was founded in 1949, it introduced a revolutionary design for an indirect-fired water heater that heated water on demand, and without storage, at a controlled temperature. This innovation became today's standard for water heaters. With continued improvements, AERCO has been able to maximize the recovery of latent heat energy, significantly increasing the operating efficiency of this equipment. In 1988, AERCO again shook the industry as the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a fully modulating and condensing commercial gas-fired water heater and promptly extended this design to the hydronic boiler marketplace. The modulating capability of these products (still unsurpassed 20 years later) match the equipment's output to real-time heating demand, ensuring that the units draw no more fuel to operate than is absolutely necessary. Their condensing design extracts much of the usable heat from the water vapors created during the combustion process, making sure that your money doesn't disappear "up the stack." AERCO's culture embraces the principle of continual process improvement. Throughout the organization, AERCO has adopted state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, disciplined product development and rigorous quality-management programs to ensure that our products are delivered on time and with top-notch service to the customer. Our sales and marketing staff are determined to set the lead in system designs by working with consulting engineers, contractors and end users to ensure that systems maximize energy and space utilization in a cost effective way. AERCO pursues these practices with just one goal in mind: to satisfy our customers and provide them with the highest quality product and service.
AMTROL was founded in 1946 on the premise that innovation, quality and service will be rewarded with customer loyalty and support. In 1954, we revolutionized the hydronic industry when we introduced Extrol, the world's first pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tank. Since then, Amtrol has been the world leader in the design and operation of the vital mechanical systems that are used to control hydronic heating and to store potable water. Today, that same spirit of innovation is part of every water heater, pressure booster, well tank and chemical container we manufacture. Over the years, we've continuously raised our stringent quality standards to even higher levels, to keep pace with the industry's rapid technological advancements, and to help us achieve ISO 9001 certification. AMTROL products include water system solutions for storage, treatment, heating, expansion and flow control, along with a host of related HVAC products serving the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Our subsidiaries include Watersoft, Inc., a manufacturer of specialized residential and commercial water treatment equipment based in Ohio; Amtrol Alfa, in Portugal, specializing in heating and refrigerant gas cylinders. AMTROL employs 1700 people worldwide. Our corporate headquarters are in West Warwick, Rhode Island; our products are manufactured in Rhode Island, Maryland and Kentucky and internationally in Portugal. To meet the international demand for our products, we operate a distribution center and sales in Canada and sales in Europe and Asia.
In 1900 the vision of simple and practical products that solved common problems seemed too good to be true. Likewise was the dedication to continuous product improvement and innovations. The passion to share knowledge so everyone could achieve the universal goals of saving time, money and energy was most important. In earlier times it was unheard of � even radical. So too was the wisdom to link production efficiency with a growing environmental consciousness. It was a recipe for success in business. That was then, and this is now. But there�s a lot of history in how we do business today. Armstrong International has intertwined energy and dreams from the beginning. It�s not surprising that our family-owned company has exhibited an obsession with honesty and integrity to our business partners for more than a century. It is also not surprising that this simple focus has transformed us into a successful global company. Today, Armstrong International enhances every intelligent system solution for steam, air and hot water with old-fashioned values and integrity. Of course, we�re still dreaming. Today we dream of making Armstrong International a safe haven in a business world that has grown complex. We want to make doing business with Armstrong International refreshingly simple and pleasant. In fact, today�s dream has become the vision of our business as a series of enjoyable experiences. Armstrong International has succeeded because � from the beginning � we have acted like the company we wanted to become. More than a century later, we�re doing exactly the same thing. We�re living our dream.
The Barnes family of pump products provides versatility, high performance and unequaled value. For more than a century, design and specifying engineers, plumbing contractors and end-users including homeowners have relied on Barnes Pumps for reliability and durability. From mundane but essential applications like sewage and wastewater to decorative fountain pumps found in the town square, Barnes Pumps delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions with speed and accuracy.

Barnes & Jones was founded in 1887 by two engineers, Walter Barnes, a graduate of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Bill Jones a graduate of The Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Around 1897, the two joined forces to design and layout two pipe central steam heating systems for new construction.

We offer commercial pumps for large HVAC applications and residential pumps for hot water heating. Our extensive line of products includes: Industrial Pumps, Residential Pumps, Air Removal Devices, Commercial and Residential Tanks, Pressure Reducing Valves, Heat Exchangers, Packaged Systems, SES Wastewater, Engineered Wastewater, Pump Controls and Pump Accessories.

Canariis Corporation, Riverview, FL was founded in 1955 and has been operating under the existing ownership and management since 1978. Canariis is dedicated to the manufacture of quality packaged pumping systems for domestic water, municipal and variable speed HVAC applications. Every packaged pumping system manufactured is electrically, hydrostatically and flow tested at job conditions prior to shipment. The manufacturing and testing is designed to assure ease of installation, simplified start-up procedures, and many years of trouble free service. Our experienced staff, equipped with the most complete systems designer's manual in the industry is always ready to be of service with design recommendations.
For more than 90 years, customers have relied on Chromalox for the utmost in quality and innovative solutions for industrial heating applications. Chromalox manufactures the world�s largest and broadest line of electric heat and control products, including heating components, immersion heaters, circulation systems, heat transfer systems, boilers, industrial and comfort air heating, heat trace cables, sensors and precision electronic controls.

Eastern Machines Incorporated manufactures the best designed non-electric fluid recovery pump in the world. Our product have all stainless steel internal mechanisms with no internal adjustments required �. EVER! Our superior performance in reliability is backed-up with a lifetime warranty on the mainspring. These systems can improve existing installations by retrofit of pump mechanisms. Pumping system packages include multiple pumps with high-volume capacity along with a large selection of pumps and pumping rates. Sytems can be skid mounted for minimal engineering and installation costs.

Graham Corporation designs and builds vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries throughout the world and is a worldwide leader in vacuum technology. Principal markets served include the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, and electric power generating industries, including cogeneration and geothermal plants. Other markets for Graham equipment are metal refining, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, water heating, refrigeration, desalination, food processing, pharmaceuticals, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

We make the world�s highest quality venting systems and support our customers with engineering know-how and personal service. Heatfab is the venting industry�s knowledge leader, combining unmatched experience, world-class production methods and time-honored American craftsmanship. In our state-of-the-art facility, we manufacture a full range of venting products using customized metal-forming machinery, precision laser Heatfab innovation and craftsmanship show throughout our product lines. Two of our product lines feature patented closure system engineering: The Ring-and-Tab� system of Saf-T Vent EZ Seal� makes for faster, longer-lasting installations; the Sure-Seal system of Saf-T Vent CI Plus draws the joint together as it's tightened. Most products and sizes include integral silicone gaskets, eliminating the time and hassle of applying RTV. To determine the right Heatfab product for your application, consult with our staff engineers. They can analyze, lay out and design a system to meet your venting requirements.
We are a leader in engineering and manufacturing of steam traps, regulators, vents, valves, vacuum breakers, Y-Strainers, pumps, and heat exchangers for steam and hydronic systems. Our extensive line of products includes: Steam Traps, Regulators, Vents, Valves, Pumps, Y-Strainers, Vacuum Breakers and Heat Exchangers. Hoffman Specialty offers a wide range of products for steam and hydronic systems. From steam traps to valves, from boiler feed units to temperature regulators and vacuum breakers, whether residential or commercial, Hoffman Specialty can fill the requirement. �

Founded in 1867, The John Wood Company has a long tradition of innovation and excellence. Starting with a line of range boilers and hot water tanks, our engineers led the industry with patents on electric welding, the development of the country�s first compression welding machine, and the origination of the narrow Obround oil storage tank. Today, we continue that tradition with products, services, and solutions for applications ranging from water storage and HVAC system control to gas generation, oil-water separation, heat transfer, and filtration. With company headquarters located near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, The John Wood Company operates from two manufacturing locations, under the leadership of ALCO Industries, Inc. As competition continues to intensify, we are well positioned to compete with the best. With a strong commitment to efficiency and excellence in all aspects of operations, The John Wood Company remains focused on continuing the long-standing tradition of providing high quality products and high levels of customer satisfaction. �

Leslie Controls, Inc. builds on its long and successful history with new and innovative products and solutions. The same philosophy and competitive spirit formulated over 100 years ago provides for an exciting and profitable future. Careful marketing and product development allows Leslie to anticipate and plan for changing and highly competitive market needs in the global marketplace.

Vibration isolation. Noise dampening. Thermal expansion and contraction. Pipe alignment and seismic movement. Pump connections and flow conditioning. Metraflex has been supplying piping specialty products to the commercial HVAC industry since 1958.�

Niles Steel Tank traces its roots back to the late 19th century when the company manufactured products for the agricultural market. Soon after, NST expanded its product offering to meet the demands of the railroad industry. Over the years, NST designed and manufactured steel tanks and pressure vessels in a multitude of sizes, configurations, and materials. In 2002, Niles Steel Tank was purchased by Bradford White Corporation. Bradford White brings its high standards and strength to Niles Steel Tank. Sharing technology, resources and facilities, Bradford White and Niles Steel Tank are able to offer the most comprehensive line of pressure vessels and storage tanks available.

Throughout the United States and around the world, Parker Boilers are dependably furnishing steam and hot water for almost every type of service. If maintenance costs are high or your present boiler is the cause of expensive plant shutdowns, now is the time to contact your Parker Representative. Let them prove to you how a truly superior boiler can cut your steam or hot water generating costs. For all that Parker offers, you will be pleasantly surprised at the low initial costs. Low NOx models are also available.�

Patterson-Kelley is an internationally recognized market leader and major producer of heat transfer equipment, including hot water boilers and water heaters for institutional and commercial building applications such as schools, office and apartment buildings, dormitories, hospitals and hotels. The PK line of precision equipment for batch and continuous powder blending, batch drying, granulation and laboratory powder mixers and blenders also make our company a leading process solutions provider to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food-processing industries.

Precision Boilers manufacturers a wide range of electric and gas fired steam and hot water boilers, plus accessories and support products for boiler room applications.�

PURE Humidifier has been providing quality humidification products for industrial and commercial applications for 24 years. Our versatile, efficient and reliable Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric and Gas Fired Humidifiers, backed by exceptional customer service, guarantees your satisfaction. Choose from our complete line of easy-to-install, low-maintenance humidifiers and accessories for optimal air quality and relative humidity control for your unique environment.�

Reco USA was founded in 1914 and has continuously supplied pressure vessels, water heaters and custom fabricated tanks to both the industrial and commercial markets. Our products have been utilized by power plants, prisons, hospitals, hotels, paper mills, chemical manufacturers, universities, and water filtration system manufacturers. Our commercial group can provide domesic water heaters that will satisfy any requirement.�

Shippensburg Pump Company known as Shipco� is located in the rolling hills of the Cumberland Valley in south central Pennsylvania, near historic Gettysburg. People in this area are hard working, family oriented and committed to the quality of life available in the area. When ITT Industries acquired Shippensburg's Domestic Pump and relocated the production facilities to Morton Grove, Illinois only one employee was interested in leaving the Valley.�

Specify Skidmore and you'll receive the very best in condensate return pumps, boiler feed systems, vacuum systems and accessories. Since 1921, every Skidmore product has been carefully manufactured and tested to rigid standards, assuring you of the highest quality and reliability. Consider our full line of quality products and commitment to customer support when you select boiler feed or condensate return equipment. We are sure Skidmore will be your choice.�

In an era of automated control systems and process technologies, engineers and designers tend to overlook the simpler, cost-effective systems in favor of expensive, complicated, installation and maintenance intensive products. There are HVAC and process applications where automated control, like the type provided by a pneumatic or electrically actuated control valve, are preferred. However, in many situations, the pilot-operated steam regulator is the low-cost, low maintenance alternative to these expensive control systems.�

We offer our customers an inimitable combination of shared industrial and application experience, high quality products and a global commitment to superb service and ongoing support. Our approach to working with you is holistic. We work with our customers to provide every aspect of steam expertise encompassing knowledge and service as well as products.�

Peerless Pump Company was founded near Los Angeles, California. The first pumps manufactured by Peerless were designed to irrigate local orange groves. They later produced horizontal end suction pumps Models PB & PE from a Canton, Ohio facility. 1932 Peerless Pump Company was acquired by FMC Corporation (Food Machinery and Chemical), beginning a profitable and productive 44-year relationship that lasted until 1976. During FMC's stewardship, many of the people who played key roles in the development of Peerless Pump products rose to prominent positions within the FMC Corporation. 1946 The current Indianapolis Plant was purchased from the US Army. Peerless enters the horizontal split case market with the A, TU & TUT pumps. 1962 Peerless begins production of its first Process Pump, Model CLE/CLO. 1965 The F & C Standard Horizontal Water Pumps were released which obsoleted the Peerless Models PB & PE pump lines over the next couple of years. 1976 Corporate head quarters are moved from California to New York City. 1981 Peerless official obsoletes the CLE/CLO Process Pump line. 1986 Peerless releases the first five sizes of the AE Split Case Pump which replace the A series pumps. Fifteen additional sizes were released later that year to complete the line offering. 1989 Peerless purchases Power "D" which is a replication of one of the worlds leading process pumps. Peerless release the Peerless 8196 ANSI Process Pump, 8175 Heavy Duty Slurry Pump and 8796 Self-Priming Pump. 1994 Peerless purchases LaBour Pump Company in Elkhart, Indiana. LaBour is a producer of Chemical Process Pumps known for their high alloy expertise world wide. By the fall of that year all production of LaBour products are moved to the Selma, Alabama and engineering is relocated to Indianapolis. Also in this year the California operation is moved from Montebello, California to Indianapolis consolidating all of the Peerless Product in one facility. 1999 Peerless Pump release a new Buildings Trade Pump (model BT) which is a scaled down version of the successful AE pumps. 2000 As we look forward to a new century of being one of the world leaders of Fire Pumps & Packages and Vertical Turbine Pumps, we can build on our 75 plus years of experience to meet any customer requirements. We are dedicated to servicing our customer and the market place through our network of Regional Sales Offices, Quick Response Centers (QRC) and Distributors. 2001 Peerless opens it's Singapore Office. 2002 Peerless opens a new European office near Geneva, Switzerland. 2004 Peerless opens a new office in Torino, Italy. Peerless introduces the VETP (Vertical Turbine Pump), for the European markets. Establishes Peerless Engineered Systems (PES)- Asia, located in Singapore.
Generations of HVAC professionals have known and trusted Taco to design and build the most reliable products in the industry. Homeowners may never have heard of us, even though our pumps, controls and components may be hard at work in their basements! Taco delivers exceptional quality because it has been owned and operated by the same family for over 80 years. Our dedication to our customers, products and employees has never wavered. Taco is led by John Hazen White, Jr., whose grandfather founded the company. To this day, John goes to work in the building where his products are made.
In 1923 Homer A. Thrush committed himself to developing superior hot water heating systems. The Thrush Water Circulator was first introduced to the growing hydronics industry in 1928. This innovation brought the advantages of hot water heat to virtually every home and business. Mr Thrush pioneered many innovations that have contributed to the comfort and well being of mankind. Established in 1997, Thrush Co. Inc., named after Homer A. Thrush in commemoration of his innovative spirit, has been recognized as a leading pioneer in the hydronics industry. Thrush Co. Inc., remains as dedicated to the hydronics industry as Homer A. Thrush was in 1923. Our longevity, leadership, and reputation for superior quality testify to this commitment. We manufacture a full line of pumps, heat exchangers, valves, fittings, and accessories for residential, commercial, and industrial systems. Superior product quality has earned Thrush its leadership position along with personal responsive service, prompt delivery, expert technical support, and a high standard of business ethics. Our worldwide network of representatives and distributors, as well as our in-house service department, are available to meet your needs and insure your satisfaction. When you need heating and cooling products, think Thrush.
Founded in 1878, Watson McDaniel Company is a U.S. manufacturer of steam traps, pressure pumps, pressure and temperature regulators, relief valves, liquid drainers, ejectors, engineered systems, and a variety of specialty products. With our ISO9001 certification, ASME B&PV Code Stamp approvals, and patented product introductions dating back to the early 1900's, Watson McDaniel is positioned to provide our customers with state of the art steam specialty products at affordable costs.
Weil produces a complete line of wastewater pumps and accessory items. Specify a product that suits the job. Click a link at the top or bottom of this page to view that product. Contact your local Weil agent for information on specific models. The trade often calls WEIL PUMP the HEAVYWEIGHT. All Weil pumps consistently OUTWEIGH and OUTLAST similar pumps. This difference is by design to make the best. The result is a distortion-free part with high rigidity, consistent machined dimensions, and a longer service life due to increased wall dimensions. Air-filled, submersible motors are the only design with worldwide engineering acceptance. Weil makes only air-filled, submersible motors. The cost is higher. The end result is better.
The diversity of our product lines and the breadth of the markets we serve are unique strengths of Crane Pumps & Systems (CP&S) that work for the benefit of our customers. Drawing upon more than a century of hydraulics engineering experience in the design and refinement of pumping equipment, CP&S is well positioned to meet the ever evolving needs of today's worldwide marketplace. Similarly, our technical specialists are able to provide expert applications assistance in evaluating service conditions and specifying the most cost efficient and cost effective pumping solutions.
Just as it was in 1882, for over 100 years the Weiss name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. Whether you require instruments for temperature, humidity or pressure monitoring, the Weiss line offers a full range of outstanding products from which to choose. We are committed to quality and responsive service, factors so necessary in today's business climate.

Wessels is a manufacturer and marketer of pressure vessels for fluid control applications. Wessels was founded in 1908 and has emerged as a leading provider of certified ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and non-ASME pressure vessels to the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) market. Wessels' diverse product offering includes hydropneumatic tanks, expansion tanks, air separators, and other specialty and custom tanks.

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